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AYAKA TRANSASSIST SERVICES PVT. LTD. Reliable and efficient transportation solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you are the startup or Large Corporation. We are committed to providing you the with the best transportation services.

Welcome to ayaka group 

Ayaka Transassist Services Pvt Ltd is one of the logistics company located in Bangalore, and we also have presence in, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyberbad and Pune and Made up from a collective of industry experts. We envision our organization "To be the Global leader in the field of Total Logistics". We provide end to end solution in corporate people transportations & Supply Chain Solutions and company is lead by a strong and highly experience management team.

Our Solutions 

We believe in fulfilling Employee transportation needs by achieving customer satisfaction, we also design customized transport solutions for safe and Secure movements across Asia-Pacific. Ayaka has an asset-light business model which facilitates flexibility .........

Our technology

90% automated output of route scheduling within 10 minutes without an excel platform with any # of employees/shifts within the matrix as per client policy. Manual interventions will be around 10%, as our routing is based on exact point latitude and longitude of earth......

Why to work with AYAKA!

Ayaka stands for innovation, sophistication, professional, continuous improvements in the transport industry. Our expert Team understands their client’s business requirements well and deliver best services withing short timeline and improvise the business model constantly.


Leader ship team - with experience in long-term client support also Our team handle operations & Shipments – Which contribute a key role in logistics


Ayaka own in-house technology and reporting systems to update the tracking of vehicle and on day to day activates. Where it help us to deliver exact requirement of our clients


Our associates and Vendors play a key role in the smooth operation and who provides us the backend support to meet our client requirement.

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